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MR111124 Australia boosts Philippines capacity to identify security threats in airports

Australia boosts Philippines’ capacity to identify security threats in airports


Australian Embassy Counsellor (Transport) Carrie-Anne Henderson (2nd from left) hands over a Php1.6 million-X-ray Tutorial Package to Undersecretary Lucas Cauton, Administrator of the Philippine Office of Transportation Security (OTS) (2nd from right) to boost the capacity of Philippine aviation security agencies in identifying and mitigating security risks. They are joined by Director Rogelio Bathan, OTS Assistant Administrator and Mr Graeme Nicholas, First Secretary (Transport).

The aviation security training package, which includes computer software and equipment, is designed to refresh the x-ray interpretation skills of aviation security personnel and enhance their ability to detect threats to aviation in passenger baggage. Capacity building efforts such as this will provide a greater level of aviation security in Philippine airports and enable the country to meet its international aviation security obligations.

The provision of the aviation security training package is part of the Australian Government’s continuing commitment to develop and strengthen the capacity of Philippine agencies against terrorism. In 2010-11, Australia’s Department of Infrastructure and Transport sponsored 22 training courses, involving more than 300 aviation and maritime transport security stakeholders, to improve their capabilities in enhancing border security and identifying security threats.