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MR1807- Clean Up the Philippines, Dakila to Clean Up the Archipelago


Clean Up the Philippines and Dakila have forged a partnership to raise awareness on environmental conservation and promote volunteerism among Filipinos.

Local artists and volunteers from all walks of life will converge this weekend (21-23 July 2006) to do their share in cleaning up the country’s Relief Map in Luneta. The event is both a follow-up to last January’s highly successful “Dakila Ka Pilipinas!” campaign which saw more that a thousand volunteers participate in the cleaning and repainting of the relief map, as well as the launch of the partnership of the two organisations.

Clean Up the Philippines (CUP) is the local arm of Clean Up the World, a global environmental campaign founded by Australian Ian Kiernan involving more than 35 million volunteers from over 100 countries each year, making it one of the most successful environmental campaigns in the world. Promoted by Clean Up the World Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia and supported by the Australian Embassy, CUP aims to inspire individuals and communities around the Philippines to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment

Dakila: Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of performing artists committed to advocating social awareness among industry peers and their immediate audiences. Their “Dakila Ka Pilipinas!” campaign was a ritualistic and symbolic expression of the group’s desire and commitment to practice what they preach and influence the public through their craft in order to work for the common good. Among Dakila’s members are artist and television celebrity Tado Jimenez, highly acclaimed actor Ronnie Lazarro, literary genius and Radioactive Sago Project’s Lourd de Veyra, and Parokya ni Edgar’s Buwi Meneses.

The campaign is also supported by RockEd (Rocking society through Education), a volunteer group advocating alternative education.

Events this weekend will involve the continuation of the clean up and repainting of the relief map. Simultaneously, there will be performances by various artists and an exhibit of art works. It will also serve as kick-off for CUP’s clean up events which will culminate on September’s Clean Up the World weekend.

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