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MR141106: Australian Ambassador Welcomes Bangsamoro Development Plan

Australian Ambassador Welcomes Bangsamoro Development Plan

The Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Tweddell welcomes the unveiling of the Bangsamoro Development Plan as a new opportunity for inclusive development in Mindanao.
“The Bangsamoro Development Plan is a key milestone to lasting peace and prosperity in Mindanao.

We congratulate the Bangsamoro Development Agency for its efforts in producing an inclusive development Plan for the Bangsamoro area,” said the Ambassador.

Ambassador Tweddell is in Davao today to attend the Philippine Development Forum on Bangsamoro where the Plan will be presented to the private sector and the donor community. The forum will highlight the development potential of the Bangsamoro area, as well as identify flagship projects.

“Good governance and the delivery of services play a critical role in the process to peace and prosperity in Mindanao” said Ambassador Tweddell. If the people of the Bangsamoro see tangible benefits, they will continue to support peace. The Bangsamoro Development Plan is a tangible means to provide those benefits.”

Australia has been supporting peace efforts in conflict-affected Mindanao since 1995. This has included A$15 million funding support to partners from government, civil society and the academe. Australia has also provided A$4 million support through multilateral facilities such as the World Bank managed Mindanao Trust Fund and the joint UN-World Bank Facility for Advisory Support for Transition Capacities (FASTRAC).

Earlier this year, Australian Foreign Minister, the Hon Julie Bishop MP, announced A$6 million of further support to boost institutional capacity to implement the Comprehensive Agreement through the Building Autonomous and Stable Institutions and Communities in the Bangsamoro (BASIC) program.

“We encourage all relevant sectors to engage in the peace process and the development of the Bangsamoro. Australia is committed to working with the Philippines towards a peaceful and prosperous Mindanao.” Ambassador Tweddell said.