Australian Embassy
The Philippines

MR141008-Iftar Dinner


(From left) Ibrahim Mata of the Islamic Studies, Call and Guidance, Edd Usman of Manila Bulletin, Australian Ambassador Rod Smith, Imam Haji Sabri Samson of the Hobart Mosque in Tasmania, Australia, Yusuf Ledesma of the Philippine Council on Islam and Democracy, Counsellor Pablo Kang and Third Secretary James Lees of the Australian Embassy, and Jamil Almarez and Omar Penalver of the Islamic Studies, Call and Guidance.

The Australian Ambassador Mr. Rod Smith recently hosted an iftar dinner to acknowledge and celebrate the strong bonds of friendship between the Philippine Muslim Community and the Australian Embassy.

The dinner, attended by more than 60 distinguished members of Manila’s Muslim community, also honoured the visit of Australian Imam Hadji Sabri Samson, President of the Tasmanian Muslim Association.

“Australia is a proudly multicultural society and we place the highest emphasis on freedom of religious worship. Muslim Australians such as Imam Samson come from many countries around the world. This event recognises this heritage as well as the efforts of our Muslim partners in the Philippines, with whom the Embassy has been privileged to work together on issues such as education and interfaith dialogue, with the aim of promoting an environment of understanding, peace and harmony both here in Manila and in Mindanao,” said Ambassador Smith.

Imam Samson shared with fellow Muslims how Islam is accepted and openly practised in Australia by over 300,000 Australians. The Imam also stressed that Islam is a religion of peace and encouraged his Muslim brothers and sisters to continue to work towards this end in the Philippines.