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MR131127b - Australia delivers on shelter for those most in need

Australia delivers on shelter for those most in need
27 November 2013

The Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Tweddell has handed over 1,000 family tents to the Department of Social Welfare and Development during his second visit in a fortnight to the Typhoon affected area.

Ambassador Tweddell visited Cebu City to inspect the progress of the Australian response to Typhoon Yolanda.

The United Nations estimate that 1.1 million houses were damaged in the Typhoon.

“Food, water, and the health of people affected by Typhoon Yolanda remain pressing priorities, but the initial focus in those areas is giving way to one of the other priority areas for the Philippine Government: Shelter,” Mr Tweddell said.

“While the tents are only a temporary solution and are just a small part of our overall assistance to ensure people have adequate shelter, they are critical to helping people start to rebuild their lives and their homes in a more permanent way.”

“Our close cooperation with the Philippine Government throughout this response speaks to the strength of the relationship between our two countries, and I am confident that this assistance will find its way to those most in need of shelter.”

The shelter will be sent to affected areas in Leyte, Samar, and Panay.