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MR130301 - Philippines to get improved access to Australian produce

Philippines to get improved access to Australian produce

01 March 2013

New trade arrangements that improve access to fresh Australian fruit for Philippine consumers have been announced by Australia’s Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, on 27 February.

“Improvements and flexibility agreed to by both countries will help reduce the costs of bringing Australian produce to the Philippines and facilitate increased trade,” said Senator Ludwig.

“Australia is the first country allowed to cold-treat produce while in-transit to the Philippines. This ensures that the products arrive in a much better condition. The Philippines is a very important market for Australia and this new agreement demonstrates the confidence that the Philippines has in the quality of Australian produce and Australia’s world-class export certification system” Senator Ludwig added.

Previous pre-shipment cold treatment requirements were unattractive to exporters, but the new arrangements allow for cold treatment to occur during shipment. Under the new agreement, the Philippines has also accepted new, more effective cold treatment schedules, which will better ensure the freshness of the arriving produce.

“Philippine consumers will now have improved access to high quality fresh product for longer as Australian exporters will be able to supply fruit during the northern hemisphere off-production period” said Australia’s Ambassador to the Philippines, Bill Tweddell.