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MR120803: Variety and creativity in meat cut use highlighted in Australian “Masterpieces” series

Variety and creativity in meat cut use highlighted in Australian “Masterpieces” series

Australian Ambassador Bill Tweddell today hosted a special lunch for select media invitees at his residence to launch The Masterpiece Series, a quarterly program to showcase the many different and creative ways one can use non-loin “classic cuts” in preparing dining masterpieces worthy of a state dinner.

The series, an initiative of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), aims to show that classic cuts may perform as well as loin cuts when utilized appropriately. By using different cuts, consumers are able to introduce variety and creativity in the dishes they prepare. The prices of these cuts are also more affordable, and should make them popular options or alternatives for consumers.

“Australia is known for quality and safe meats. These are readily available to Filipino diners, and we are hoping that this series will make more and more people aware of the quality, versatility and value-for-money that these cuts bring to food preparation for the Filipino dining table,” said Ambassador Tweddell.

MLA, a producer-owned organization responsible for marketing, research and development for the Australian meat industry, works closely with food service, retail and trade to increase awareness of the value and availability of quality meats from Australia.

Today’s “Friday Masterpieces” was especially prepared by Chef Peter Van Es, the Executive Chef and Beverage Manager of Amora Jamison Hotel in Sydney, a master in food preparation who used the whole beef and lamb to create each course -- from head to tail.

“This four-course meal is just the first of many that will showcase the versatility of Australian beef and lamb in terms of cut utilization and menu options. You can appreciate first-hand the quality and value of classic cuts when prepared with good forethought. My cooking is for those who believe the quality of a dish comes from accumulating only the best and freshest ingredients. I love simple, fresh food that is well-cooked with amazing flavor,” shared Chef Van Es.

Australia is the number one source of beef for the Philippines at 41.39%, followed by New Zealand at 22.19% and the US at 17.81%.