Australian Embassy
The Philippines

MR120509: Australia’s International Development Assistance Program 2012-13


In 2012-13, the Australian Government will provide an estimated A$128.7 million [5.5 billion PHP] in official development assistance to the Philippines under the Australian budget for 2012-13 announced in Canberra on 8 May.

“Australia remains committed to assisting the Philippines to overcome poverty, as demonstrated by the increase in funding of A$5.6 million from last year (2011-12),” said Australian Ambassador to the Philippines, Bill Tweddell.
This is part of the Government’s overall commitment to increase the size of the Australian aid program to A$5.2 billion from A$4.8 billion in 2011-12, equivalent to 0.35 per cent of Australia’s Gross National Income.

Managed by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), Australia’s aid program in the Philippines is focused on strengthening basic services for the poor and reducing vulnerabilities arising from climate change and conflict.
Education remains the flagship sector of Australian aid in the Philippines, along with engagement in three other areas: improving local government capacity to deliver basic services; disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation; and improving conditions for peace and security.

Australian aid will assist the Philippines Government to promote opportunities for all by improving learning outcomes of school children in English, mathematics and science and ensuring that more children finish elementary and secondary education.

The aid program will have a strong focus on strengthening local governments, recognising that they deliver most basic services to the poor. Australian assistance will support more efficient and effective basic services, particularly road infrastructure.

Australia will assist in building capacity within selected government institutions and facilitating partnerships between government and civil society to support the Philippine Government’s thrust for a more transparent and accountable government.

With our Philippine partners Australia will work to make Filipinos safer and more resilient to the threats from natural disasters and the changing climate, which drive people into poverty and threaten sustainable economic development.

Consistent with commitments made, the Australian Government also released a new Comprehensive Aid Policy Framework on 8 May 2012. The Framework articulates a four-year vision for Australian aid that sets out how much Australia will deliver, where and why by 2015-16.

This will enable Australia to work with the Philippines to better plan and implement aid investments more effectively over the next four years, delivering better results for the Filipino people.