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The Philippines

MR090501- Philippines to Import More Than 3000 Goats and Sheep from Australia


Agricultural trade between Australia and the Philippines is set to increase with the purchase of more than 3000 Australian goats and sheep by Philippine breeders, Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Rod Smith said today.

1,900 Boer (meat goats), Anglo Nubians and Saanens (dairy goats) and 1,200 Dorper sheep are due to arrive in the Philippines over the next two months following a series of visits by Philippine breeders to farms in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria facilitated by the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade).

“The importation of Australian livestock will assist Philippine breeders improve the quality of local stock and, in particular, promote the long term development of the goat industry,” Ambassador Smith said.

“Australia is already a known supplier of Boer goats in the Philippines due to quality, price competitiveness, adaptability, quarantine status and proximity in terms of lead time. The purchase of the dairy goats and sheep will also boost existing agricultural trade between Australia and the Philippines, currently worth more than A$5 million.”

The export of Australian goats and sheep to the Philippines will augment the existing local goat herd of about four million (2007 figures) and sheep flock of about 35,000 (2003 figures).

The imported goats will be primarily used for cross-breeding to increase meat production and to capitalise on the rising demand for goat’s milk.

Australian Boer goats and Dorper sheep are known for their superior meat production. Boer goat bucks (males) can grow up to 130 kilos compared to local goat breeds that grow only up to 30 kilos. Dorper sheep grow faster and heavier than goats, weighing up to 60 kilos at six months of age.

The Anglo Nubian and Saanen dairy goat breeds are farmed for their higher milk production capacity and adaptability to tropical environments.

Australia currently accounts for more than 50 per cent of world goat meat exports. In 2006-2007, Australia exported 75,344 goats, with Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore being Australia’s largest markets for live goats.