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MR090104- Joint Document Examination Workshop with Philippines


In a wide-reaching example of regional cooperation on border security, participants from more than 20 countries will attend a document examination workshop in Manila this week.

Co-chaired by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and the Philippines Bureau of Immigration (PBI), the April 1-3 workshop, Document Examination at the Border, will be attended by about 57 participants from 26 countries and is part of the Bali Process steering group’s program of ongoing regional cooperation.

“Regional cooperation is essential to the effective detection of identity fraud and combating people smuggling and trafficking,” a DIAC spokesman said today. “This workshop serves as a perfect demonstration of that regional cooperation.

"The primary objective of the Bali Process is to combat people smuggling and trafficking by raising awareness and developing a higher level of cooperation between regional countries," the spokesman said.

"The workshop will be led by expert document examiners from Australia, Philippines and Singapore and all participants will be invited to share their experiences and develop networks for future cooperation.

"A range of topics will be discussed including document examination capacity and the management of laboratories, training and information distribution."

The aim of the workshop is to improve understanding of the different levels of document examination capability that are required within the immigration environment and the different levels of training that are required to develop and maintain that capability.

"This workshop serves the purpose of meeting Bali Process objectives and furthering Australia's good relations with regional partners,” the spokesman said.

"Australia is a keen participant in the Bali Process and the workshop is designed to enhance regional capacity and cooperation to prevent people smuggling and trafficking."

More than 120 people arrived at Australian airports with forged or fraudulent documents in 2007-08. A further 143 improperly documented passengers attempting to travel to Australia were detected by Australian immigration officers at international airports overseas in 2007-08, including Bangkok, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Broadcast quality video and audio, and high-resolution photographs are available from DIAC’s online media resource