Australian Embassy
The Philippines

MR0606-Australia provides further assistance to the Philippines on human rights matters


Australia will provide $250,000 for the funding of human rights projects for the Philippines. Australia and the Philippines will work together to identify further practical assistance Australia can provide to Philippines institutions dealing with human rights matters.

Australian officials and experts will visit the Philippines to hold discussions with the Philippines Government and key institutions to identify areas of priority need. Relevant assistance will follow. Funding for the scoping visit will be in addition to the $250,000 Australia will provide for human rights projects.

This contribution builds on assistance we previously provided to the Philippines on human rights matters. In recent years through our Human Rights Small Grants Scheme, we have assisted with training workshops addressing enforced and involuntary disappearances, human rights advocacy and youth advocates for human rights education.

Our approach is consistent with Australia's view that strong and effective institutions, respect for human rights and a legal system that has the people's trust are fundamental to development. It is an acknowledgement of the productive discussions Australia has with the Philippines on human rights matters. It also acknowledges the commitment of the Philippines Government to address human rights concerns, including through the Melo Commission established by President Arroyo last year and other efforts.

Australia will coordinate its human rights assistance with other development partners and seek opportunities to collaborate to increase the effectiveness of our combined efforts.