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Australia opens its doors to Filipino professionals


The Australian Government is staging a two-day Skilled Migration Expo in Manila starting on 17 May 2006 specifically designed to target migrants who have skills that will contribute to the Australian economy.

Filipino professionals will get the chance to meet with Australian migration representatives and employers to find out about general job vacancies, what kind of conditions would be offered to someone with the required qualifications and experience and where in Australia such opportunities exist.

“The migration of people with qualifications and relevant work experience addresses specific skill shortages in Australia and enhances the size, skill level and ‘employability’ factor of the Australian labour force,” Australian Ambassador Tony Hely said.

Australia’s 2005-2006 Migration Program is the largest in over a decade. It has increased for the eighth successive year, providing up to 20,000 additional places for skilled persons from across the globe.

Australia operates a global and non-discriminatory migration policy. Criteria for migration are set down in the Migration Act of 1958, which asserts that an applicant’s nationality, ethnic origin, sex, race or religion play no part in determining eligibility.

“We are committed to the principles of cultural respect, social equity and productive diversity. Everyone is given equality of treatment and opportunity so that they can contribute to the life of the nation free from discrimination,” Ambassador Hely said. He cited that there are currently 200,000 Filipinos in Australia today and they are considered to be one of the most productive migrant sectors in the country.

The Australian Department of Employment and Workplace Relations has identified occupations and specialisations currently needed in Australia through the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). The current list (as of 28 March 2006) includes health professionals, engineers, skilled trade persons and other skilled professionals.

In 2005, Expos were held in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and India. To date, for 2006, Expos have been held in India with upcoming Expos to be held in China, Hong Kong SAR, the Americas, the United Kingdom and the Emirates.

Individuals who wish to attend should logon to for more information or contact Skills Expo Information line at 845 9200 or visit the Australian Embassy website at