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Vacancy112709- Applying for a job with the Australian Embassy

Applying for a Job with the Australian Embassy

In general, selection decisions for jobs and promotions within the Australian Embassy are based on three elements: a written application, referee report/s and an interview.

The following guidelines aim to assist applicants prepare a written application

The Written Application

The aim of the application is to demonstrate your actual experience, qualities and skills. 

You might wish to begin your application with a brief (one page) background summary. This could include your current position, previous positions (working backwards), academic qualifications, languages, and other relevant information– including publications, awards.

All advertised positions have a corresponding duty statement setting out the responsibilities and tasks required in the job. The selection panel will use this and, where provided, selection criteria, based on the duty statement, to assess applications. The selection criteria describe the personal qualities, skills, abilities, knowledge and qualifications (if any) a person needs to perform the role effectively.

The written application is your first opportunity to demonstrate your claims against the duty statement (and/or selection criteria). Read the duty statement carefully and ensure you address all elements. Use workplace achievements to demonstrate you have certain skills or experience rather assertions about skills or experience. Use recent examples as far as possible.