Australian Embassy
The Philippines

SP151105 - Blessing and Inauguration of the Pampanga High School Canteen Project

Message by Ambassador Bill Tweddell
Blessing and Inauguration of the School Canteen Project
Pampanga High School
5 November 2015

• Honourable Edwin Santiago, Mayor, San Fernando City
• Ms Fe Rosalinda Caylao, Principal, Pampanga High School
• Mr Rodolvi Marin, Chairman, Pampanga High School Multi-Purpose Cooperative (PHSMPC)
• Ms Teresita Zita, General Manager, PHSPMC
• Beloved teachers and staff of Pampanga High School
• Officers, members and staff of PHSMPC
• Our dear students and parents
• Friends, ladies and gentlemen

Good morning.

It was wonderful to hear my national anthem sung so well.
Thank you Principal Caylao for the warm welcome to Doris and me by you and all your school family, and thank you Ms Zita for your excellent update on the project.

I am pleased to be with you today for the blessing and inauguration of the Pampanga High School Canteen Project, which is funded by the Embassy’s Direct Aid Program (DAP).

The Australian Government, through DAP, is pleased to help PHSMPC achieve its goal to operate the canteen sustainably. That will provide the more than 9,000 students, and 400 teachers and personnel of Pampanga High School with a variety of healthy and affordable food items. And, in the process, it generates employment and income for its members and the community through participation in the provision of associated services and raw materials for the canteen’s operation.

We welcome the good news that the main canteen and the three satellite canteens are now operational, and serving students and teachers with reasonably priced quality food items for their nourishment while at school. I am sure that the parents of the students also welcome this development.

We are also happy to learn that from its initial two-month trial operation in June and July, to its full operation that started in August until today, the canteen has consistently generated income and created employment for 101 members of the community – 81 of whom are women.

I would like to commend the PHSMPC, under the leadership of Mr Rodolvi Marin and Ms Teresita Zita, for the wonderful work done in consolidating the operations of the school canteen. I am particularly pleased that PHSMPC actively engaged the project’s stakeholders - the management of the Pampanga High School, the students and their parents – to ensure that the operation of the school canteen is truly responsive to the needs of its beneficiaries.

I also appreciate that PHSMPC consulted and worked in collaboration with the relevant agencies of the San Fernando City government, like the City Health and Sanitation Office and the City Cooperative Development Council. Through these partnerships, you have clearly demonstrated your commitment to sustain the operation of the school canteen; and that is a good sign. Keep up the good work.

I would now like to take this opportunity to thank the management of the Pampanga High School under the leadership of its principal, Ms Fe Rosalinda Caylao, for the support you have continuously given PHSMPC. Such support only reflects Pampanga High School’s commitment to provide its students and teachers an environment that promotes learning and growth for everyone.

I would also like to thank Mayor Edwin Santiago and the relevant city government agencies, especially the City Health and Sanitation Office and the City Cooperative Development Office, for providing the necessary technical support to the project.

Thank you Mayor Santiago.

So once again, congratulations to PHSMPC on the successful establishment of the school canteen. Australia is truly proud to be part of this worthwhile undertaking. We wish you continuing success.

A pleasant day to everyone.

Dacal a salamat pu.