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Welcome to the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in the Philippines. For information on topics not featured on this site, please visit the main DIBP website. See:

Important news

  1. New visa processing times are now published on the Department’s website.  See here for more information
  2. Visitor visa applications - Please ensure you include all information with your application, as we generally do not request further information before making a final decision on your application.
  3. The Visa Office will be closed for public holidays between 13 -14 April 2017 and will reopen on 17 April 2017. The office will not be able to process visas during this period.
  4. Domestic workers accompanying employers visiting Australia. Please read about changes  to visas since 19 Nov 2016, here.
  5. Disposal of Return to Sender applicant documents will occur from 19 December 2015. See: Disposal of Return to Sender Client Documents
  6. New sponsor requirements for Partner and Prospective Marriage visa applications commence from 18 Nov 2016.
  7. Apply online - you should lodge your application online through ImmiAccount where available.  All Philippine passport holders are eligible to apply online.  See: Where to apply 
  8. Forgot or can't find the details of your visa? See: VEVO for Visa Holders If you do not know your reference number, you can request it from DIBP. See: VEVO Request for Reference Number Form
  9. From 31 August 2016, non-citizens working on vessels involved in offshore resources activities will have to meet the same visa requirements as non-citizens working on Australian resources installations. See: Working in Australia's offshore oil and gas industry 
  10. Tuberculosis warning for international students

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