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The Alumni Grant Scheme Round 2 is officially launched on 26 January 2016.   Click here to download further information.

Proposals will be accepted from 26 January to 29 February 2016. The scheme will support short-term projects (3-5 months) and activities of the alumni that highlight Australian education, strengthen linkages between Australia and the Philippines, and contribute to the development of the Philippines.

Identified priority areas of the Australian Government:

  • Economic Growth
  • Governance
  • Peace and Stability


Proponent(s) must be a graduate of an Australian institution, whether short-course or long-term training, individual or group.  Each individual proponent or group member must attach their Australian qualification (minimum certificate of training) to their 2-page curriculum vitae.

Eligible activities must demonstrate the following:

  • Share their Australian training, knowledge and skills with local communities or organisations
  • Strengthen professional links of the alumni with Philippine and Australian institutions
  • Create opportunities for joint public and private sector development activities and advocacies
  • Be sustainable and captured on social media
  • Highlight and promote Australian education in the Philippines

Proposals will be accepted from individuals and groups.  Projects must cost no more than P200,000.00 and must be implemented in the Philippines.

Submission of Proposals

All project/activity proposals should be prepared in accordance with the proposal template and submitted by C.O.B. on Monday, 29 February, 2016 via electronic copy to the Australian Embassy Alumni Manager Any documents submitted after this date will not be accepted.

Proposals should be typewritten on A4 paper and be no more than 7 pages long (excluding annexes). Project/activity timeline may begin as soon as 1 April 2016 and be completed no later than 30 August 2016. Proposals may cost no more than P200,000 and must be implemented in the Philippines.

Visit for stories and blogs by previous winners.

There are over 10,000 Filipino alumni of Australian universities and institutions, with 3,000 alumni from the prestigious Australia Awards Scholarship program alone. Australian alumni continue to make a valuable contribution to a wide range of sectors in Philippine society, including in business, education and government, science and technology, medicine and health sciences, the arts and media.


Philippine Australian Alumni Association, Inc (PA3i)

The Philippine Australian Alumni Association, Inc is a non-political, non-profit corporation organised for the purpose of fostering camaraderie among its members and through its activities promoting mutual understanding between Australia and the Philippines. The association provides a framework that supports business networking and socialising among alumni of Australian education and training institutes.

Membership is open to all Philippine-based individuals, regardless of citizenship, who have participated in either short or long term courses at an Australian education institution. Any Filipino citizen who has earned a certificate or diploma from an Australian training or educational institution is qualified to be a member.

For further information about the Philippine Australian Alumni Association, Inc and their activities, please call the Secretariat at 638-9686 loc 128 or visit their website at