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General Information

For general information on Australian citizenship, see Australian Citizenship.

Applications for Australian Citizenship by birth and Australian citizenship by conferral are processed in Australia.  Australian Citizenship

Applications processed in the Philippines

Australian Citizenship by Descent

A child born overseas can be registered as an Australian citizen by descent if at least one of the biological parents was an Australian citizen at the time of the child's birth.

A parent can apply for registration of Australian citizenship by descent on behalf of the child before the child reaches 18 years of age. Applicants over 18 may apply in their own right.

How to apply

See: Apply for Citizenship by Descent online

Please note that due to additional administration, applications lodged online are processed faster than paper-lodged applications.

See: Application Checklists - Processing will be delayed if full documentation is not provided at the time of lodgement. Applicants are encouraged to apply online through ImmiAccount.

See: Processing Times 

Applications processed in Australia

Applications for Australian citizenship by birth and Australian citizenship by conferral are processed in Australia.

Please see: Australian Citizenship 

Passport applications

You can apply for an Australian passport in the Philippines through the Consular Section: See Australian Embassy Consular Section.

Once a child has been registered as an Australian citizen, the child should not enter Australia on any travel document other than his/her own Australian passport.