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Visitor Visas

Visitor Visas  - subclass 600

General Information

The Visa Office is currently experiencing high levels of demand and you should apply well in advance of your travel time.

For more information about the Visitor visa, see Visitor visa

Online lodgement

The Australian Embassy encourages all applicants to apply online. Apply online for a Visitor visa here: Visitor visa

For further information see: ImmiAccount

Please note that you will need access to a credit card to pay for an online application. A third party may complete an online application on your behalf with your consent.

Tips for timely processing

  1. Apply online. See: Where to apply for a Visa 
  2. Submit a complete application and upload all supporting documents to your online application straight away.  See:  Attaching documents online
    Your application will be assessed based on the information you provide. If you do not provide sufficient information to show you meet the relevant criteria, your visa application may be refused. Please ensure your application is as complete as possible. See: application checklist
  3. We do not need your original passport because we issue label-free visas - a photocopy of your biopage and previous travel is required.
  4. Provide an e-mail address. This enables us to communicate with you quickly and efficiently.
  5. It may speed up processing if we can communicate with a third party (such as the sponsor) directly regarding your visa application. However, the disclosure of information to anyone other than the applicant is governed by the law (Privacy Act).Certain information about the application can only be provided if you give written consent. Under law DIBP are not allowed to communicate with a third party,unless we have recieved your your written consent via 'form 956' for us to do so.  See: Agents See: Clients (including family friends querying the status of an application)
  6. If asked to submit further documents, upload these to your ImmiAccount straight away to ensure prompt processing.
  7. When you contact us, provide your full name, date of birth, visa type, and visa number (eg EGO123456 or AUX123456). See Contact Us

Special medical requirements

In circumstances where a known health condition exists an applicant may be requested to do further medical checks.  Processing times may vary significantly than advertised service standards.

1. Over 75 years of Age?

See: Medical Requirements for Clients over 75 Years

2. Seeking to stay in Australia for longer than 6 months?

Please ensure you undertake your health assessment as quickly as possible as this will impact the processing time of your visa. Delays in health assessment will cause delays to visa processing.

See: Health requirements

Fees and Charges

See: Fees and Charges