Australian Embassy
The Philippines

Visa processing times

Apply for your Visitor visa at least one month in advance

The visa office is currently experiencing high levels of demand. Please apply for a Visitor visa at least one month in advance of proposed travel and do not make irreversible travel arrangements until you have been granted your visa. 

We are currently processing Visitor visas lodged on 26 June [updated fortnightly. Last updated 20 July 2016]

DIBP Service Standards

For information regarding service standards, see: Processing Time Service Standards and review lodged offshore.  

Individual cases may be decided in longer or shorter periods than the service standard, depending on a range of factors, individual circumstances, the complexity of each case and the time taken by applicants to respond to requests by their case officers.

Efficient processing of your application

  1. Apply online. See: Where to apply for a Visa 
  2. Submit a complete application and upload all supporting documents to your online application. This is the single most important factor in allowing us to make a quick decision. See: application checklist
  3. Provide an e-mail address. This enables us to communicate with you quickly and efficiently.
  4. It may speed up processing if we can communicate with a third party (such as the sponsor) directly regarding your visa application. However, the disclosure of information to anyone other than the applicant is governed by the law (Privacy Act).Certain information about the application can only be provided if you give written consent. Under law DIBP are not allowed to communicate with a third party,unless we have recieved your your written consent via 'form 956' for us to do so.  See: Agents See: Clients (including family friends querying the status of an application)
  5. When you contact us, provide your full name, date of birth, visa type, and visa number (eg EGO123456 or AUX123456). See Contact Us